Monday, March 5, 2007

Allison Mack - Smallville's Cute Sidekick

Cute and More-than-Capable. That is how you can describe Cloe Sullivan (Allison Mack), Clark Kent's trusty sidekick and confidant. She ALWAYS has a contact somewhere that gives her access to info, yet you rarely see her outside her newspaper office!

In Season 1 of Smallville, the world was in love with the Lana Lang character, played by Kristen Kreuk, but now that her character is dating the villian, people are warming up to the exitable, witty Cloe Sullivan (Allison). What took them so long? I've always been a fan.

Interesting fact. The producers of the show decided to kill of one main character in Season 5 and killing of Cleo; a character that did not exist in either the Superman comics or movies, would have been the logical choice, but... Allison has a HUGE Internet fanbase, and killing her off would have seriosly hurt ratings... so the killed of Clark Kent's father instead! Good move!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Milla Jovovich - The Cutest Model Around

"Yes, Big Bada-Boom" As a teenage boy she captured my attention with that bright orange Jean-Paul Gaultier outfit that she wore in the movie The Fifth Element. She played a character, Leeloo, that had to personify the 'perfect being' - and she is: Sexy and cute.

There is a good reason why Milla Jovovich is the most successful Supermodel gone actress. She has got what it takes to win over the audience. However, she does not show any bit of cuteness when she is portraying a character that does not call for it (Case in point: The Resident Evil-trilogy character, Alice), but off camera she is utterly cute: Her smiles, laughter, magnetic gaze...

She was espacially cute in the straight-to-video romantic comedy, You Stupid Man. She was a bit more overweight in the movie. Now, I'm not saying that you have to be slightly overweight to be considered to be cute, but the extra fat in her cheeks just made that smile more cute!

No matter in what shape she is in, she's comfortable in her own skin and defeinatley mesmerizing to watch.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Norah Jones - Come Away with this Cutie

I was kinda reminded of her this morning by my noisy neighbour who started playing her second album at the usual defening volume. But today, I won't say anything, because he has got good taste.

Norah Jones' voice reminds you of dark, melted chocolate stream flowing through a candy valley; a pitcher of ice cold lemonade sitting on a small round table on porch of an old house in New Orleans; that total piece you feel when on a hot summers day, a light breeze comes along to cool you down. And that is just her voice...

Her curly black hair and shy smile are just some of this Lorilee's charm. She's the kinda girl that any parents will approve of and immediately fall in love with.

Did I mention her voice is mesmerizing.......?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Alicia Silverstone - Original Cutie

Alicia Silverstone has got being cute down to an art. She can do the perfect 'frustrated shrill squeek' that is so utterly cute. Go watch her in Clueless or Blast from the Past to hear the squeek.

And does she know she's cute! She knows it's her biggest asset as an actress and uses it to perfection.

You won't see her in movies as much anymore, since this cutie has got the brains to boot: She has turned her long-time Hollywood career goal to producing. She has made her name in TV producing and has produced titles such as Queen B. Personally, I would love to see more of this beautiful actress. She still warms my heart with her whole array of cute faces...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Rachael Leigh Cook - The Princess of Cute

She's as cute as they get. The ultimate cute girl: She's got the petite body, the beautiful lips cheeks and hair and eyes that you could get lost in. Yes, She's all that!

Usually cast as the shy, but strong girl/woman, she just completed a movie where she will be playing one of my childhood hero's: Nancy Drew. As I can remember from all the Nancy Drew books that I read as a child, Nancy was a headsrong girl, unafraid of any situation, much like Veronica Mars. Infact, I believe the character of Veronica Mars was based on Nancy Drew. The Nancy Drew movie is following right of the heals of the Hardy Boys-based movie; Hardy Men. In Hardy Men, Tom Cuise and Ben Stiller plays the Brothers Hardy, only twenty years on... as men.

The story centers on the famed Hardy Boys detectives, now twenty years
older. They haven't spoken to each other in years but are forced to work
together to solve one last case.
Back to lovely Nancy Drew.... um-hum.... Rachael Leigh Cook. She first caught my eye in She's all that", playing Laney Boggs opposite Freddy Prince Jr. at the hight of his career. She played the "Cinderella" girl to perfection. It's only later that I saw her first real big movie debut, Strike! where she played opposite one of my favorite actresses, Kirsten Dunst.

In a later posting, I would like to give you screenshots of her in Antitrust, where she played oposite Ryan Philippe.

Although she was brilliant in Josie and the Pussycats, she stole my heat in her five episode cameo on NBC's Las Vegas. Although she turned out to be the villian, she looked beautiful in those episodes. If you have not watched it yet, do yourself a favor and go see the episode called The Big Ed De-cline.

This WILL NOT be the last you see of this beauty!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Brittany Murphy - Spunky and Cute

This actress can deliver aloof and goofiness with spunk. That and be sexy and cute at the same time. She plays roles of whimsical woman that keeps their credibility in front of the audience: Not a easy feat, but that is Brittany Murphy for you. Take Uptown girls (2003) for an example. She played the aloof rich kid gone independent better that any other actor I've ever seen. And when she did that dance in that movie... aaagh...

But seriously, much like Drew Barrymore's signature nasal voice, what sets Britanny apart is her husky, yet feminine, bedroom-like voice. How many men would be able to resist that voice? She put it to good use in the voice-over work as Penguin Gloria in the animated movie Happy Feet (2006)

She plays a great Damsil-in-distress; just take her role as Shelley in Sin City (2005) as an example. A pseudo period piece, she brilliantly laid the scene to introduce the hero, Dwight McCarthy, played by Clive Owen. I cannot wait to see Sin City 2.

Since I saw her for the first time, playing opposite Alicia Silverstone in the box-office smash, Clueless (1995), I knew there was a star on the rising.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Reese Witherspoon - Cute when angry

Kudos to the casting director of Cruel Intentions; Reese Witherspoon played the victim, seduced by a Manhattan playboy, played by her now former husband, Ryan Phillipe. This is what she does well, play a character that appears weak at first glance, but shows extreme emotional strength later in the film.... that, and she's a looker.

Legally Blonde and ready for action, we'll supply you with more of this blonde beauty in the weeks to come.